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MKPOV is a library of header/include files for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray).

These files contain a variety of textures, functions, and other pieces of code which I have written over time and found to be useful and/or produce aesthetically pleasing renders.

Everything here was written and tested under POV-Ray 3.7, however, it should work with any previous version of the software. The default noise_generator in POV-Ray 3.1 and below is different than in later versions. Using these files with version ≤ 3.1 (or a newer version with noise_generator other than 2) will cause anything reliant on noise to differ slightly in appearance from example images on this site.

More will be added to this library over time — see the commit log for updates.


Click a filename for details and examples.

File Description Assorted normals. Skies, pigments for sky spheres. Stone textures. Loads all mkstones files. Stone textures MK_Stone1 through MK_Stone12. Misc. other textures. Macros for positioning objects.


Download as a zip file or clone from GitHub. Copy files into one of POV-Ray's library paths, or #include individual files within a scene/INI file.

Copyright © 2022 Matthew Kukla, <matt.kukla [at]>.