Various macros for positioning objects.

In the following examples, S is a sphere primitive with radius 0.5, and C is a cube of length 0.4.

N_roots(N, R, Ob):

Constructs a union containing copies of object Ob at each Nth root of unity in the xz-plane, at distance R from 0.
N_roots example

N_roots_SR(N, R, Ob, Sc, Rt):

Same as N_roots(N, R, Ob), with the Kth copy of Ob scaled by 1+Sc*K and rotated by Rt*K for each 0,...,K.
N_roots_SR example
N_roots_SR(8, 2, C, 0, 45*y)

Row(Ob, Start, N, Space):

Constructs a union containing N copies of object Ob in a row, starting at point Start and spaced apart by vector Space.
Row example
Row(S, <-3, 0, 2>, 4, <2, 0, 0>)
Another row example
Row(S, <-3, 0, 2>, 4, <2, 0.5, 1>)

Row_SR(Ob, Start, N, Space, R, S):

Same as Row(Ob, Start, N, Space) but with the Kth copy of Ob scaled by 1+S*K and rotated by R*K for each 0,...,K.
Row_SR example
Row_SR(C, <-3, 0, 2>, 4, <2, 0.5, 1>, <45,45,45>, 0.15)

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